About me

Presentation of tthe creator

Hello and welcome to my little den! My name is Laure, also known by my creator name Korydwen, I am 28 years old, French and have lived in Switzerland for more than 5 years now. Leodwen is not my main activity, I work in digital marketing - which explains the sometimes sporadic updates of my store ...

So, you are now probably wondering what prompted me to create Leodwen? Well, it's simple: I wanted to share with you my universe, whether it is my jewelry created / assembled by me, my illustrations or my writings. I'm a jack of all trades with a lot (maybe too much?) imagination, which leaves me a lot of free rein :)

I started sharing my creations on Instagram in 2018 and it was a nice revelation - I didn't think my little world could please so much, and it's a real pride to see that starting from almost scratch, I reached 15K followers, a great community, nearly 1000 sales on Etsy (before I finally decided to move to my own website!).

I hope this great adventure will continue with you for many years to come!