Frequently asked questions

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions

Do not miss to take a look at the questions below, you will certainly find your answer;) I of course remain reachable via the form contact or on my social networks.

Can we reserve a creation in advance?

Unfortunately no, I am not taking any booking. Jewels tend to be sold quite fast, it's true (thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!), but I'd rather give a chance to all those who would like to acquire one of my creations. Store updates are announced in advance on my social networks, Facebook and Instagram, so don't forget to follow me and activate notifications so you won't miss any news;).

Can we place a custom order for your illustrations?

Currently, I prefer not to take custom orders, whether for design or jewelry. Leodwen not being my main activity, I reserve myself the opportunity to work on what inspires me, when I have time to do so.

Are you open to collaborations between creators?

It all depends on what and how, but you don't risk anything sending me a little message to discuss it, either via my contact form, or through my social networks!

What equipment do you use to take your photos?

I have a Canon 750 EOS, a tripod with remote, a very basic Tamron 18-200mm lens. In most cases, I take my photos myself, or I call on my companion. I then edit my images in Photoshop and Lightroom.

What devices do you use to draw?

I mainly use a notebook and pencils;) I often start my sketches on paper, I prefer this "traditional" feeling before scanning my sketches and coloring / inking them on Photoshop with my graphic tablet, a Cintiq 13HD. It's a "semi-pro" device so if you want to try your hand at digital drawing, the Wacom Bamboo range is surely better suited! For a long time I had a Bamboo Fun & Touch which served me very well and allowed me to get used to digital illustration. I don't use an iPad nor the Procreate app, so unfortunately I can't comment on this one - but it does seem to allow a lot of really cool things!

Can you give us the name of your suppliers?

So, I put this question because alas it comes up very often, whether it is with me or with other creators.

You should know that our suppliers, like our creations as a whole, are the result of 1) a lot of research, 2) a lot of work, 3) a lot of research, 4) a lot of work. You can't find a good supplier in a snap - it takes investment (time and money) and loads of testing before finding the best solution.

This is why we generally do not disclose this information. Pieces of advice, yes, sure, but providing free information that we took a long time to obtain, no. Do your own research, try, get it wrong to eventually get it right; you will only further strengthen your universe and your credibility as creators :)